Nothing speaks louder about Air Ambulance Billing being the best in the industry than our clients. Here’s what a few of the providers and brokers we work with have to say about us:

"When I started in this business, I began with my billing in-house. I thought I would save money and increase my profits. As overhead increased we didn’t produce the reimbursements we were expecting from our billing department. We struggled with two other billing companies before I found Air Ambulance Billing. They are engaging and pleasant to deal with, yet aggressive with the insurance companies. Now we have grown faster in the last two years than the previous four because of what they have done for us. Your search is over, you have found the right billing company!! "

"Air Ambulance Billing has helped us shape our business in a way we could not have done ourselves. Yes, we could have learned the billing process with an in-house department but the cost would have been so large we would not have survived financially or mentally."

"We had done our billing in-house since day one. We have a small operation, so everyone felt that was not a large task. Our billing person left, and we had to make a choice. I can’t believe it, but AAB doubled our profits. It is a pleasure to have the feeling of confidence in a company that is managing your transport billing accounts. Now I know why they say they are unlike any other billing company out there, they are the best. Thank you AAB!"  

"Air Ambulance Billing’s team takes away all the pressure of navigating through the insurance industry’s maze, and delivers results. From pre-authorizations to appeals, they handle it all. AAB has even been able to assist us with getting our patient’s transport authorized when the insurance company initially denied them coverage. Many thanks to the AAB team!" 

"We have enjoyed a very high rate of collection and extremely professional service from Air Ambulance Billing. They provide us comprehensive billing for all of our accounts with both private and public insurance companies including all patient transports. AAB provides us daily anytime assistance with our insurance issues, patient requests, etc. We are extremely happy with their service to our company." 

"I wanted to take just a moment to say thank you to you and your team for the superb service that you are providing to our company. Because of your efficient system and professional staff we have been able to focus our efforts on what we do best and not have to be burdened with the time-consuming collection process. Your company has allowed us to improve our bottom line."

"Being in the air ambulance industry, the bulk of our revenue is generated from medical insurance payments. Due to their know-how, the team at Air Ambulance Billing has allowed our company to streamline the billing process. Their claims-to-denial ratio has been non-existent thus far with our claims and more importantly, the recovery time has been reduced by nearly 50% on paid claims. Acquiring AAB’s services has truly been an integral part of our expansion. Their claims specialists are always very polite and simply a pleasure to work with." 

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