We are so much more than just a billing company. Unlike other billing companies, with our proprietary methods and approach, we will customize a program to fit your company's needs. We have the knowledge and perseverance to get results on even the most complex claims. We are the experts in Out-Of-Network fixed wing Air Ambulance transport billing! 

Yes, we can help bring in revenue on flights that have already happened. We’ll take a look at past flights to determine if there is any possibility of filing a claim. In some cases you may have 180 to 365 days, from the date of service, to file an original claim. 

Every company’s billing needs are different. We work with you to help determine what services you need and reach an agreement on cost. The bottom line is, at Air Ambulance Billing we don't get paid until you do! It’s that simple.

To combat the potential for missing critical deadlines, we've created and implemented a proprietary process that has proven to be extremely successful in proactively beating deadlines.

Yes. We will audit every file you have, to determine the merits of the claim. Sometimes negotiations are needed and we are the experts at this process.

Yes, we can. As a Broker, you have the right to provide services through select vendors and bill accordingly. We can assist you with proper contracts, NPI registration, setting your rates, and most importantly, taking your business to the next level.

Not necessarily. Even though the insurance companies exploit every angle possible to deny claims, when you partner with Air Ambulance Billing, you have a team of experts who know how to handle these situations. We familiarize ourselves with every aspect of the claim to formulate and determine the best arguments for success against denials.

No, unfortunately we do not. In general they do not pay enough to cover your costs when dealing with an air ambulance transport. 

All of them, except Medicare and Medicaid. Every insurance carrier is unique in their policies and procedures. Rest assured, Air Ambulance Billing is proficient in working with all of them. 

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