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Our Claim Services

FACT: 90 percent of the time, insurance companies deny air ambulance claims. Without a team that knows how to properly navigate the claims system, you’re missing out on serious revenue.

Air Ambulance Billing is 100 percent focused on getting your fixed wing transport claims paid. Whether you haven’t had success getting claims paid, don’t have the time or staff to devote to tracking claims, or just don’t want to deal with insurance companies, Air Ambulance Billing will help you on your way to claims payment.

Standardized services. Exceptional results.

Air Ambulance Billing puts an entire team to work for you at every stage of your insurance claim. We work seamlessly with your operation, taking charge of your claims so you have more time to do what you do best – patient transport.

Here’s what we provide: 

  • Benefits Checks:  - A thorough and accurate benefits check is the single most important thing to do right – and is the most common critical failure that can impact an insurance claims payment. As professionals, we know the questions to ask, and as those questions change, we evolve with them. Based on the information found in your patient’s plan, we’ll openly recommend whether you proceed with an insurance flight or not. 
  • Pre-Authorizations: - A pre-authorization approval minimizes the risk you take with every medical flight and even guarantees a claim payment. With our specialized background in air ambulance billing and claim submissions, we know what it takes to get medically necessary flights approved. We’ll work with your company, case managers, and the sending & receiving hospitals to push forward with the pre-authorization.
  • Claims Submissions: - We submit your claim immediately upon receiving all required paperwork, and keep you updated throughout the process. Our Claims Specialists stay on top of your claim, keeping your file in front of the insurance company until we get the results we want. 
  • Appeals: - No matter how clean the claim or how medically necessary the transport, the insurance company may still deny it. They count on you accepting the denial without a fight, as appeals can take months, costing your business considerable time and money. At Air Ambulance Billing, we don’t take “No” for an answer and we don’t think you should either. We work hard to overturn unjustified denials, eliminating the appeals burden with no upfront cost to you. 
  • Claim Payment Negotiations: - Once your claim is approved for payment, the insurance company often sends it to another party in an attempt to reduce your final payment amount. We’re well-versed in third-party negotiations and go to bat for you to ensure you receive top dollar for your submitted claim.
  • Rate Setting: - Every air ambulance provider needs to set their rates when submitting insurance claims. We’ll evaluate your program, based on state & national averages and our experience, and advise you on prices that will work for you. You may be surprised by what some other air ambulance companies charge for insurance flights…and what they’re being paid. 
  • ERISA Compliance: - ERISA law overrides state law 75 percent of the time and these laws can be very helpful – or very damaging – when pursuing a claim. Most people don’t fully understand the laws and regulations that govern their insurance plan, and insurance companies take advantage of this. But when Air Ambulance Billing gets involved, they know they’ve met their match. We’re armed with knowledge, we’re persistent, and we know state and ERISA laws inside and out. You can count on us to be in your corner making certain that insurance companies aren’t acting in bad faith with your claims. 
  • Up-to-Date Billing Codes:  - Without a complete understanding of ICD-9 and CPT/HCPCS codes, you could enter an incorrect modifier and delay your insurance claim payment. We’ll educate your medical flight crew on the most current codes to guarantee maximum policy benefits for you and your patients. 
  • Legal Involvement: - We make every effort to resolve claims without legal involvement, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. In the event that all normal operations and appeals are exhausted and the claim is denied, Air Ambulance Billing’s in-house legal counsel will take necessary legal action against the insurance company to get your claim paid. Legal involvement may include:

                            Legal demand letters

                            Legal notices 


You go the distance for patients. Don’t get short-changed by insurance companies.